Lovely Sunday walk in Kensington

I love exploring London by foot. There are so many hidden gems, pretty streets and beautiful neighbourhoods to explore. One of the neighbourhoods I hadn’t explored much until last Sunday is Kensington. I had seen gorgeous photos from the neighbourhood on Instagram and I was pretty sure I would love it, so when A Lady… Continue reading Lovely Sunday walk in Kensington


The US Virgin Islands photo diary part 1

A few months ago I went to the US Virgin Islands with my sister for two weeks. We celebrated both Christmas and NYE there. The islands are easily the most picturesque place I have ever visited. The ocean was azure blue, warm and incredible beautiful. The sand was white, soft and nothing like the beaches… Continue reading The US Virgin Islands photo diary part 1

Mental health

Listen to your inner guide & find happiness

Hey gorgeous, Today I want to share something with you that has been so much on my mind lately. My inner guide. Some refer to it as their inner voice, their gut feeling, intuition, instinct or spirit. We all have an inner guide, and no one’s inner guide is stronger than anyone else – some… Continue reading Listen to your inner guide & find happiness