Vegan energy bites with peanut butter

Hi gorgeous!

It’s no secret that I have quite a sweet tooth. Salty stuff? Nah, not so much. Sweet? Yes, please! I love things like chocolate, ice cream, and cake. And I certainly enjoy all of it in moderation and when I am craving it. Nothing wrong with that at all. However, sometimes I want something a little healthier. Like these vegan energy bites with peanut butter. Girls, these are SO good. They are quite addictive.

I love eating these for a snack or a little petit treat. They are actually perfect for a snack because they are quite filling due to the peanut butter and dates. But keep in mind that even though they are healthy and filled with nutrients they are quite calorie dense so don’t eat the entire batch in one sitting.

Vegan energy bites with peanut butter – yields 12


1 cup date (they have to be quite soft)
1 tsp cocao
2 tbsp shredded coconut
2 tbsp peanut butter


Blend all the ingredients until it becomes a dough. Depending on how big you want you bites there’s dough for 12-15 bites.
Store the energy bites in the fridge. They keep good for about a week.

Love & happiness,


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