OmStars – Netflix for yogis

Hi gorgeous,

As you all know I love yoga and I try to practice six days a week. Yoga helps keeping me balanced, it helps me with my grieving process, it helps with my eating disorder, it helps keeping my depression away, it helps me accept the things I can’t change and so many more things. Truthfully, I think yoga makes me a better, more balanced, kinder and more loving version of myself.

I like to practice yoga at studios so the teacher can correct me and I can connect with other yogis. But I actually do most of my yoga practice at home. I like practicing at home because I can do it whenever I want and whenever it fits best into my schedule. So naturally I was over the moon when Kerri Verna (aka Beachyogagirl) and Kino MacGregor launched OmStars. I immediately backed up the project on Kickstarter, and then I waited excitedly for the following two months till it was up and running.

The platform has literally only gone up so I have only been using it for about two weeks – but I am already jumping up and down with excitement and I absolute LOVE the site. It costs $14,99 per month and it is worth every penny (I am not being paid to say this!).

Kino and Kerri describes OmStars as a ‘Netflix for yogis’ which is spot on. They have a ton of different program and there is one for everyone. I am telling you, if you like yoga OmStars is made for you. You’ll love it!

OmStars is divided in four categories: Practice, insight, wellness and culture. This means it is not just about your practice. It is about the yoga lifestyle. You get to travel the world with Kino, take cooking classes with Kerri and her husband, learn about health, there are meditation videos and so much more. It’s so cool and I have already learned so much – much more than I have ever learned in any yoga class.

Oh, and you earn points for your practice, and you can use those points at the web shop or donate to charity. How cool is that?!

Love & Happiness,


This post is not sponsored, and all opinions are mine.



2 thoughts on “OmStars – Netflix for yogis

    1. Really? I thought yoga would be pretty easy to do in Spain! But as long as you just do something you like and helps you unwind that is all that matters 🙂


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