The US Virgin Islands photo diary part 1

A few months ago I went to the US Virgin Islands with my sister for two weeks. We celebrated both Christmas and NYE there. The islands are easily the most picturesque place I have ever visited. The ocean was azure blue, warm and incredible beautiful. The sand was white, soft and nothing like the beaches we have in Europe (though we do have perfectly nice beaches in Europe as well. They just don’t compare to the beaches in the Caribbean!), and the sun was basically shining the entire two weeks. It was pure bliss. We felt like we were in paradise, and I never wanted it to end. This is definitely a place I need to come back to again in a few years and explore some more.

The US Virgin Islands used to be Danish which made the visit even more fun for my sister and me. Most people who visit the islands don’t know much about the history of the islands but almost every Dane knows it. It is actually only a 100 years ago we sold the islands to the US which, when you think about, it isn’t that long ago at all. This fact makes the islands quite a popular destination for Danes as the islands are as much a part of our history as Denmark. And when you travel around the islands, you can actually see a lot of Danish buildings and constructions – we build reallys strong houses in Denmark, and we are actually quite famous for it. The saying goes that Danes build houses to live a thousand years and eat like they’ll die tomorrow. Anyhow, it was just fun and interesting to explore and learn more about my country’s history.

Since we were at the islands for two weeks I have way too many photos to share in just one post. So instead of going all photo overload on you, I’ve decided to devide it into three photo diaries.

We stayed one week on St. Croix and one week on St. Thomas, and then we did a day trip to St. John. Today I’ll share photos from St. Croix.

St. Croix was amazing. The island was so relaxed and laid-back. It almost felt like time stood still here. We stayed in Christansted which is a really small town but with lots of Danish history – there is even a Danish cemetery. Honestly, we spent most of the week on St. Croix on the beach and just relaxed (our holiday was only a few weeks after my boyfriend passed away so I needed to relax). We did, however, spent half a day in Frederiksted and another whole day driving around the island with a guide and saw some of the historic sites. It was really interesting, and we actually had a lot of fun on this tour.

The next time I go to the islands I will rent a car and see even more. If you go, I would definetely recommend renting a car as busses aren’t really a thing on St. Croix, and taxis can quickly become rather expensive.

Stay tuned for more photos from my holiday on the beautiful US Virgin Islands!




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