Lovely Sunday walk in Kensington

I love exploring London by foot. There are so many hidden gems, pretty streets and beautiful neighbourhoods to explore. One of the neighbourhoods I hadn’t explored much until last Sunday is Kensington. I had seen gorgeous photos from the neighbourhood on Instagram and I was pretty sure I would love it, so when A Lady in LondonΒ posted herΒ A Lovely walk in KensingtonΒ I saw it as the perfect opportunity to see the neighbourhood.

This might be my first time in Kensington but it is not my last. In fact, Sunday was just my first visit of many. I immediately feel in love with the neighbourhood. The houses are so beautiful, there are so many pretty, cobbled and whimsical streets. Kensington is just lovely. Honestly, I can easily see myself live in Kensington. It was love at first sight.

If you find yourself in London you have to go to Kensington. When I went there on Sunday I felt like I had the neighbourhood to myself. There were barely any tourists which I loved – sometimes getting out of the big crowds can be so nice.

One street you absolutely have to see when you visit Kensington is Keynance Mews. This is probably London’s prettiest street. It is so beautiful, cute and charming. Make sure not to miss this hidden gem!

Love & happiness,




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