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Weekend reading 13.05.2017

I always love when bloggers share some good reads so I decided to start doing it myself! I read so many good blog posts and articles every day, and I figured why not share them with my readers? My goal is to share five reads every weekend but we will see how it goes – I might not be able to do it every weekend but I will do my best!

So, without further ado let’s dive into my very first weekend reads!

Jordan Younger (the woman behind The Balanced Blonde) never fails to inspire me, and this blog post is no exception. It can be so hard to take time of ourselves and somehow it always seems to end up on the very end of our to-do list – or left out altogether! However, it is so important to take time for ourselves, and Jordan shares that perfectly.


Ah, I love Paige and her blog. She is the best health coach ever, and she has helped me so much. If you – like so many other women – struggle with exercise while on holiday, this post is for you.


This post is Danish but I couldn’t help sharing it. Helse Mathilde is my favourite Danish blogger. She is funny, relatable and authentic. I just love her. She is the bomb! This post is about all the exercise we do without noticing. Like walking the dog, riding the bike to work and home, carrying the groceries up to third floor etc. It’s a great post!


I don’t know about you but I am guilty of checking Instagram and Twitter way too much. Sometimes I literally have to put my phone in the other room and put it on silence so I don’t check it. Sometimes it’s a little scary! The writer of this article has the same problem and has made a list of 19 things to do instead of checking social media – I love it!


I am not a good cook. I can cook if I really have to but I do not enjoy it. I really do not like cooking and I feel like I can do so many other things instead of cooking. However, these cinnamon rolls from Oh She Glows look amazing, and I certainly wouldn’t mind someone baking me these (mum, I am talking to you here…). I think these would be great on a Sunday morning with a cup of coffee and my favourite Danish newspaper. I really will have to make my mum make me these when I come back to Denmark!


Have a lovely weekend!

Love & Happiness,


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