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Ord sætter sig fast/ words stick

Hi beautiful,

The video I am sharing with you today sends such an important message. I know the video is Danish but I encourage you to watch it anyway – it only takes 60 seconds. The video is made by Morten Svane and my favourite Danish blogger (and in general one of my favourite bloggers), Helse Mathilde. This woman is freaking incredible and you should read her blog. She is honest, raw, authentic and herself. She is normal. She is like you and me. And she talks about important things. Like body image, break-ups, grief, being yourself, being single….. She talks about everything, and she is amazing and inspiring.

She is the woman in this video, and the message in this video is SO important. The video is about how words stick. If people tell someone their thighs are big, they are ugly, their stomach is chubby, their arms are too flabby, they are stupid or whatever mean thing they say, THE WORDS STICK! So if you do not have anything nice to say, shut up. Everything you see written on Mathildes’s body is hurtful things people have said about her body. The writing on her hands in the end says: If you do not have anything nice to say, shut up!

This is so, so important to me. During the years, people have said some pretty mean things to me, and I still remember them. Like when I was 12 and my sister told me my thighs were fat when I sat down. She was only 10 but it hurt like hell and she should have known better. Her words stuck with me for years, and I can still hear them so clearly in my mind. Or when I was bullied in school for having glasses and being called a nerd for being smart. Or when one of my teachers told me I was too stupid to understand psysics.

People remember what you say and how you made them feel. So really, if you do not have anything nice to say, shut up!

Love & Happiness,


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